Basically, cash registers are electronic devices that are commonly used in food services for calculation of financial transactions. Usually, these cash registers have a keyboard to input the entries, they also have a scanner, a printing device, as well as a drawer. Because of advancement in technology, cash registers have more functions. For instance, you will find cash registers with credit card processing, inventory tracking, and verification. For your food service business, therefore, cash register solutions would be essential.


However, as businesses seek more efficient and faster ways of performing their businesses, they are shifting from cash registers to point of sale systems hospitality industry. A POS system is more advanced than a cash register. A point of sale system is computerized and performs financial transactions, records numerous business data, and tracks the inventory.


One of the main difference between a POS system and a cash register is that is communication and efficiency. Once the transaction is processed, the POS system records, and automatically tracks everything in real-time that is related to the transaction. The information is stored in the database and can be accessed by authorized people when need be.


Usually, businesses have a challenge of ensuring that they have the items their customers want. For larger businesses, this can be a big problem. However, a POS system helps to fix the problem since it is possible to track inventory. In the hospitality industry, however, a hospitality POS will keep tabs on the sold items. This will help to place an order to restock an item immediately. At the same time, it is possible to track fast moving items as well as slow-selling items.


Although cash registers have evolved with advancement in technology, many businesses are using them less. This is has been due to the benefits of POS systems over cash registers. Some of the benefits include the following. Read more about POS at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/dan-steiner/should-your-company-buy-o_b_11080790.html.


1. The accounting process is simplified.


When using a cash register, an accountant would have to sort out all the receipts which would be laborious. However, a POS system simplifies this task making it easier for the accounting personnel. This is because they can create reports or use the built-in ones.


2. High accuracy.


A cash register usually involves inputting entries. This way it is possible to make the wrong entry. However, pos system enhances accuracy through scanning as opposed to inputting entries. As a result, POS systems minimize user errors. They are able to perform checks to ensure the entered information is accurate.